Social Issues (Abortion)


Abortion is defined as “The deliberate termination of  a human pregnancy, most often performed during the first 28 weeks of pregnancy”. This issue is one that we have seen both sides of the spectrum be passionate for. Although some demographics have some gray area, many classifications of people have a very one sided opinion. In forming in a opinion, many people believe there are exceptions in their response. Some believe abortions should be outlawed unless the pregnancy was the result of rape, incest, or puts the life of the mother or child in danger. Also, some pro-choice voters believe that the abortion could only take place in the first semester. Others believe that providing free sex education,  and contraceptives should also come into play with the issue.


In the overall, when asked “what is your stance on abortion?”, 38% percent of voters classified as pro-life (meaning they believe abortion should be illegal) and 62% of voters classified as pro-choice (meaning they believe abortion should be legal). These percentiles do shift when looking at other demographics.


When looking at party affiliation, The topic isn’t a gray area. 88% percent of Democrats voted they classify themselves as pro-choice, while only 12% percent responded as Pro-life. Its quite the opposite when looking at the republican party. 68 percent of republicans classified as Pro-life, while only 32% classified as pro-choice.